Monday, March 24, 2008

My nest is getting older

I can't believe my little baby is now 3 years old. This birthday is a little more difficult then when she turned 2. It actually means she is now a "toddler". No longer a baby, no more baby talk. She talks as clear and with words as big as what her 7 year old brother use. I won't dwell on this any longer.

She had a princess party, she picked the theme and had a great time. She looked so cute in her princess attire. She received a pink sleeping bag, which she has been asking us for, that and piano lessons. Will have to work on the piano lesson thing. She also received nice princess gifts from her little friends that were in attendance.

That same afternoon of the party, her dad decided it was time to get out the toddler bed. As if turning 3 was not enough of a milestone. So up the toddler bed went and down with the crib. Sadie loves her new bed, she couldn't wait to go to bed that night, and kept saying, "I think I am kind of tired" something my kids never say.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A snowy day

Since we were dumped on with snow this weekend, church was cancelled today. It was a nice family day, playing monopoly, lounging around in jammies and of course going out to play in the snow. The kids had fun, especially Mason who is really into snowball fights now, he had his work cut out for him with his dad as an opponent. We stayed outside for an hour or so, then wanted to go in and get warm. When we tried to get in we soon realized that I had locked us out. We tried to get in the windows and John even tried using some tools to pick the lock. All attempts were unsuccessful. We had to call a lock smith after being outside for 2 hours. He was able to get the lock open within a minute. Boy, were we thankful for a warm house, and the smell of dinner, pork and sauerkraut from the crock pot added to the enjoyment.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The somewhat empty nest

Well, now that Huckabee headquarters is closed, although not for good, just for the next four years, there is kind of an emptyness. I was putting a lot of emotional time into his campaign, but now I can get back to focusing on other things, like my husband and my children, not that they were neglected through this whole thing, just their laundry wasn't always done in a timely manner and sometimes dinner was pizza, in fact my kids enjoyed being involved in this campaign, going to see Mike Huckabee was a highlight for Mason and Sadie got her picture in the newspaper because of our campaigning. I have a lot more to scrapbook now. Overall it was a very good experience for us all, my kids and I have learned a great deal about politics and we have experinced what it is to lose. I only pray in 4 years we will experience what it is to win.