Sunday, March 9, 2008

The somewhat empty nest

Well, now that Huckabee headquarters is closed, although not for good, just for the next four years, there is kind of an emptyness. I was putting a lot of emotional time into his campaign, but now I can get back to focusing on other things, like my husband and my children, not that they were neglected through this whole thing, just their laundry wasn't always done in a timely manner and sometimes dinner was pizza, in fact my kids enjoyed being involved in this campaign, going to see Mike Huckabee was a highlight for Mason and Sadie got her picture in the newspaper because of our campaigning. I have a lot more to scrapbook now. Overall it was a very good experience for us all, my kids and I have learned a great deal about politics and we have experinced what it is to lose. I only pray in 4 years we will experience what it is to win.

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