Sunday, February 10, 2008

My "nest" has now become a Mike Huckabee headquarters. I know most think he has no chance but I choose not to listen to the negative media. There is still hope that at least he can stop Sen. McCain from receiving all the delegates he needs and it will then go to convention where I feel Huckabee would stand a good chance. He is the conservative in the race. My children now run around saying "Mike Huckabee" and I even caught them saying his name to other kids at church tonight. It does not bother me. They are living through the history making process and learning in their own little ways about how our government-democracy works. My son is even wanting after school tomorrow to help me construct signs for Mike Huckabee. He is very crafty. It is a wonderful thing to be able to express our opinions and have a say in who our leaders are, remember, every vote counts.


Valorie said...

You expressed my sentiments too, Leah. Mike Huckabee is a principled, experienced man who will make a great President. And I agree that it is neat to see kids being intrigued by the workings of our wonderful country -it will help them become responsible citizens. Go Huckabee!

Jennifer said...

I'll never forget the Reagan campaign. I was so-o-o-o excited to do my part to see him elected. I campaigned on the K-mart parking lot to unsuspecting souls who made the mistake of parking by our car. I would lean out just as they were preparing to get into their car and tap them on the shoulder. Then, in 7-year-old tones of menace, I growled, "VOTE FOR REAGAN." One woman almost never had the chance, because I almost gave her a heart attack! I am with you 100% Leah! Keep the faith and keep up the good work!